Thursday, April 23, 2009

what's for lunch?

here during middle ages week, sabin is working in the café. all week, they've been preparing all sorts of yummy bread and cakes and pancakes for the big "let's sell all this stuff to our parents" bit of middle ages week which will take place on friday. if you're standing there working with all kinds of dough and yummy things to taste, you don't really want a proper lunch, so this is what sabin has been taking:

a zip-loc with carrots, cucumber and cherry tomatoes (the adjacent melon was breakfast). she's also gotten a brownie along for the past couple of days, but they're gone now. she takes an apple as well. when we get back to normal practice next week, we'll tell you what our usual lunch is like. but for now we'll just say that the danes do sandwiches a bit differently.

when i picked up sabin at her after-school program today, she was working on a card for her big (half) sister mathilde's confirmation, which is on saturday.  had to snap a picture or two because the light was so great. this is why we always have at least one camera on us at all times.

outfit today was one you've seen before (dark grey dress and leggings), so we'll wait 'til tomorrow when we've got something a bit more springy to share.

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  1. Very funny that I snapped a picture of Addie's cold lunch as I prepared it this morning too! Sorry for getting this post up so late (past your bedtime I suppose by the time I get to it) but the weather was finally out of the 40's (F) and I had to take advantage of. Julie -Addie's mom