Wednesday, April 29, 2009

To the Park

1) Addie on the point
2) Addie climbing up
3)Aiden and Tryllen
on the rock wall
4) Skipping off to the point
5) The ice just went off the lake yesterday
6)Going down

We venture to the Park
Join us as we enjoy a break in the gloomy Spring weather.

This park is on Lake Bemidji across from the college.

It was remodeled just over a year ago. They turned a shady (both from the sun and due to the characters who hung out here), slightly scary place into a wonderful gathering grounds for families, college students and residence of town alike.

We have really enjoyed stopping by this park for a quick play, or longer. We have even had cook outs with friends here, and the kids have come here for birthday parties.

Diamond Point Park
Aerial view
Park is on the point

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  1. sabin will love these--we'll have a look together and leave a proper comment when i get home on friday! :-)