Wednesday, April 22, 2009

it's middle ages week!

it's middle ages week at sabin's school, but that doesn't mean dressing like it's the middle ages (that would just be too scratchy with all those burlap sacks).  snapped this shot at sabin's SFO (her after school program). that's where her spot is--she keeps her coat and bag and about 5000 drawings there.

she's wearing:
white leggings: H&M
denim capris : exit 
pink t-shirt: grandma sent this one from the US, it's got horses on the front and we're a bit mad for horses at our house. it's a brand called Kerritts and it came with a package of carrot seeds on the tag! how cool is that?
fleece jacket: also our riding apparel.
shoes: pink vans (apparently some fell off a truck, so they had them on special at the grocery store this week)
pink bag: make-shift purse/lunch bag from H&M

during middle ages week, sabin's busy in the café. they're making all kinds of goodies all week for the big sale on friday when the parents come. sabin's been making bread for a couple of days (it should be cake today) and has been so excited that she wanted to make some more when she got home:

it's a big mess, but we like big messes in the kitchen at our house. they mean we're having fun and making something yummy. she was even making fancy braided loaves. isn't that cool? just ignore all those cutting boards on the edge of the sink in the background.

the bread recipe is:

1/2 package of yeast (we use little blocks of fresh yeast, not the powdered kind)
3/4 cup of water
pinch of salt
4 C of organic flour (or until it's firm enough not to stick to your hands)

work it all together and form it into the shapes you want, then let it rise. i was a little surprised we didn't let it rise first, then shape it, but sabin insisted this was the right way. i ate some for lunch today and it was great, so she must have been right.


  1. Love that the horse shirt came with a packet of carrots!

  2. Now this is a recipe I would be willing to make with Addie - thank you so much!