Thursday, April 16, 2009

what sabin wore today

here as sabin should be going to bed, she insisted i take a picture of today's outfit...she wouldn't really hold still, so some of these are in motion, but i thought it looked kinda cool, so there you have it:

today's outfit:

dress: grey linen by bombi bitt
leggings: grey cotton by bombi bitt
socks: H&M

again, the red converse all stars were the shoe of choice with this outfit. they are our shoe of choice every day. with every outfit.


  1. Hi, I just poped over from Jule's blog.
    What a cool idea. I hope both your girls enjoy sharing information on where the live and what they do.

    I think my daughter would enjoy something like this too.

  2. Sabin looks like a cutie; although, I'm missing the red sneakers!