Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hi Ho - Hi Ho - It's off to school we go

As you know Addie is in Second Grade like yourself. School hours are from 8:10 a.m. - 2:50 p.m. The school provides transportation to school by big yellow buses. Addie gets on the school bus at 7a.m. and gets back off the bus at 3:50. (We live out of town, making the bus ride necessary) This makes for a long day.
Today Addie's schedule looks something like this Reading 8:35, P.E. 9:50, Music 10:15, Math 10:40, Recess 11:30, Lunch 11:55, Calender/Sharing 12:20, Tech or Art 12:45, Social Studies 1:10, AR or Math 2:00, Dismissal 2:50
Addie's Day in Pictures:

Lincoln Elementary School

There are 6 Elementary School in the Public School District. (Several more private schools too)

Front Doors

Addie's school is the newest building of the Elementary schools

There are an average of 22 students per classroom and three classrooms per grade
(except Kindergarten that has 4 classrooms around 20 kids each)

Addie's Classroom

Addie's room has lockers for their coats and backpacks and each student has a desk. There are 5 computers in the room for the student's use. Smart boards have just been installed - they are interactive white boards, I can't wait to see what they can do.

The classroom pet

This is the computer(tech) lab
(Your mom will be pleased to see they are Mac's)

Tech is on Monday and Thursday afternoons

This is one of our favorite places in the school - the Library

Addie has Library Class
on Friday

This is the Gymnasium-

This is where the kids have
Physical Education
Addie has P.E. every day for 25 minutes

As I was leaving I smelled something yummy

It was coming from the Cafeteria
also known as the Lunch Room

On the menu yesterday was:
Chicken Soup with Cheese Stick
Carrot Sticks
Fruit Choice

If they don't like the scheduled menu
item they may bring a "cold lunch"
from home.

Before the kids go to lunch they have Recess.

This is 25 minutes of outside time.
They play outside unless it is below zero, or raining.

Remember: you can click to enlarge

They switched recess and lunch around several
years ago so that children weren't rushing lunch to get outside.
It works very well to have recess first

Edited: On the lunch menu for tomorrow - Deli Sub, Carrots w/ Dip, Pickles, Baked Chips, and Fruit Choice. Milk.
Monday - Chicken Drummies, Potato Wedges, Seasoned Veggies, Muffin, Fruit Choice, Milk.
Tuesday - Soft Shell Taco w/ all the fixings, Tortilla Chips w/ Salsa, Fruit Choice, Milk.
Wednesday - Tator Tot Hotdish, Garlic Toast, Garden Salad w/dressing, Fruit Choice. Milk.
Thursday - BBQ Chicken on a WW Bun, Corn, Garden Salad, Fruit Choice, Milk.
Friday - Popcorn Chicken, Baby Baker Potatoes, Green Beans, Mini Muffin, Fruit Choice, Milk.


  1. That is the best I can do with lining up the pics and text. :)

  2. several questions have arisen from this:

    1. does someone take the class pet home on weekends and in vacations?

    2. husband asks: what is the cadmium content of the bricks and are the kids prevented from licking them (he's a bit off, it's ok to ignore this question--we've been watching House, M.D.)

    3. What is the class pet's name? (we're very interested in the class pet)

    4. How does lunch work? Do you pay for the food?

    5. What do American school children play during recess?

    6. What kind of activities do you get in Tech class? Do you play games or learn to type or what?

    sabin typed: I really like the desks and chairs you have!

    this has inspired a post for us, for sure. :-)

  3. Answers:
    1) The pet stays in the classroom. The teacher may take him home during vacations.
    2)Addie is yelling a resounding NO in my ear when asked if she licked the bricks of the school building.... I am wondering if he has licked a few too many bricks himself ;)
    3)hmmm Addie can't remember :( She knows it starts with a K --- she will have to find out
    4) Parents pay in advance into a fund. A lunch menu is printed for the month. There is breakfast and lunch offered. Breakfast costs $1.50 and lunch is $2.00. The students come in from recess and hang up coats, then proceed through a line getting a milk and a tray. They can then choose their items (several which are required by the State to keep a healthy balance) Then at the end of the line a lady sits at a computer where the kids punch in a PIN number to deduct the amount of the meal out of their account. Students bringing cold lunch may wait in line and just get a milk. Which cost $0.75.
    5) Boys play soccer, baseball, football, etc. Girls play make believe games. Both play on the jungle gym equipment.
    6)We practice other subjects on the computer/internet - like Social Studies. Sometimes we play learning games and some just for fun. They will start typing in third grade.
    Sabin: what kind of desk do you have? (Addie's contribution to the typing)

  4. thanks for all your answers! we'll try to get pix of sabin's desk next week one day.