Sunday, April 19, 2009


Addie and her family have three pets. Two cats and a dog.
We call him Lost and he calls us Found
This cat's name is "Lost". Because that is what he was. We aren't sure how old he is. He showed up at our house several years ago. He remained outside the first winter he strayed our way. The second winter he was allowed to sleep in the garage. The next summer my mom found him so funny that she let him in the house this winter. He has become a good pet. (But he eats a lot and then throws it up in my bed sometimes if I forget to keep my door shut :( I like that he can meow the word "milk" when he wants milk and "mamamama" when he wants food.
This is "Tori". She is a Pomeranian. She is our dog. We got her after our Dachshund was hit by a car. A lady from dad's work gave her to us two years ago because she had too many dogs. She barks a lot at the neighbor dogs. She likes to play a lot and I like to play fetch with her.
This is "Kitty Lou" . He is old. My mom and dad have had him since before they had kids. [he is 10.5 years old]. Lou stays away from us all unless he wants to be petted.

Some days I like having all these pets and sometimes I don't. I like Tori better then the cats.


  1. i hate it when my cat throws up in my bed too. must be a cat thing.

  2. sabin loves that lost meows "milk" and "mamamama" and she wishes lila would meow more, but she rarely does.

  3. Our animals would certainly be friends, if possible. Yours have similar traits of my dog & 2 cats:

    One cat is named, "Miracle", because that is what he was. I found him as a wee tiny palm sized babe and nursed him to health with a tiny bottle. The other cat, "Bear" doesn't really get in the way like Miracle does. She kind of hides and sleeps. They are both 8. Our dog, Oliver, also barks at the neighbor dogs --must be a small dog thing. It gets irritating.