Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Buller is Here!

Addie wore another of her favorite shirts - this one a Birthday gift from grandma. It was the perfect outfit (yesterday) to welcome Buller! He has arrived and is safe and sound.
(minus one sequins after a night of sleeping in the new loft)
Addie made quick work of making him feel at home. she took him out into the first Spring rain to show him the yard (since we figure outside is where he feels the most at home)
Although lizards tend to prefer dry warm environments Buller seems to be adapting well.

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  1. we're very glad he made it safely and that he's having so much fun he lost a sequin. that's the best kind of fun. :-) and sabin's response to that was "it doesn't matter." we can always get him a new one or he can have the missing one to remember the fun by. :-)