Thursday, April 16, 2009

our house - denmark

since we didn't enclose real pictures of our house in the package that's headed your way, we thought we'd share some pictures here so you can see where sabin lives.

this is sabin's bedroom:

she got a new room in the past year when we remodeled--her bedroom used to be downstairs, but now it's upstairs.  sabin got to choose the colors for her new room--as you can see, she chose light and dark pink. her bed is up high with space to play underneath just like yours is, addie.

sabin spent about a month in the US with her aunt Monica and her cousins Owen & Finn last summer. when she came home, she had this iMac waiting for her. she plays all kinds of online games on it and even plays World of Warcraft.

sabin's dad built this cool window seat with storage underneath. all of those boxes underneath have wheels on them, so sabin can wheel out her legos or littlest pet shop or brio trains or build-a-bear gear whenever it's time to play. lots of time is spent sitting up on the actual seat and manufacturing drawings of all kinds.

and here is a shot of our house from across the street. that's ours in the center with the steep roof. the white one beside with the flat roof is where ryan and else live. they're kind of surrogate grandparents to sabin and love to have her come and visit. we try to keep them supplied with cupcakes and brownies whenever we bake. since spring is only just beginning, it's not too green in the yard yet. we'll have to take an updated picture once the leaves really come out. that's our ancient toyota in the driveway.


  1. I can't wait to show Addie when she gets home from school. I am just as thrilled seeing these things as her (maybe more some days:)

  2. I love the room! You must have worked very hard to get such a fabulous room. Believe me, I know... Your very lucky.

  3. I am just looking again. Is this room at the top of the house? I see the roof line.