Tuesday, April 14, 2009

getting the mail is fun!

early arrived safely today!  he's actually been in the country since saturday, but we missed the postman that day and had to wait 'til the post office was open today to pick him up. the first thing we did was take him to lunch at café le zinc, our favorite local cafe. we won't say that the reason we had to go get lunch was that far (pronounced "fah" and the danish word for dad) forgot to put the lunch he made in sabin's bag, so she was totally starved today. :-( oh wait, i guess we did say that.

as you can see in the next picture, sabin loved her little necklace as well and put it on immediately! so a very big thank you for that and for the other goodies in the package!! it was such a treat!

and you'll be happy to know that we pulled ourselves together and sent a puffy envelope your way today as well. i can say that receiving the package with early has made sabin very excited about this project. i'm not sure she really understood what we were going to do before she actually got early in her own two hands. we were biking home and she carried early so he could see where we were going. she's currently watching a little t.v. and relaxing with him.

here's a little hint as to what we sent:

sabin made a last minute switch to send "buller" instead of the beanie cat named kooky that she had intended to send. buller--pronounced "boolah" is a little lizard that sabin made at her after-school program. he's called a "firben" (pron. fear-bean) in danish (that literally means four legs and is the word for lizard). he's colored with pastels and has a few bead and sequin accents and loads of character. we think you'll have lots of fun taking him places and taking his picture. he's very curious about things and we can tell you already that he likes going to the beach:

sabin's already looking forward to taking early to school next week. they have a special "middle ages week" and the kids will all do various activities from the middle ages--making shields, making clothing from leather and furs, felting, oral storytelling, and the like. sabin thinks early will get a big kick out of that.

it will probably take about a week for buller to arrive, that's usually what it takes when we send things to grandma and grandpa in south dakota and aunt monica in iowa, so be on the lookout early next week.

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  1. Addie here, I am happy you like Early. I look forward to seeing the places he will go.