Friday, April 17, 2009

Addie's Room

First we will start with what Addie wore to school yesterday - a little more of the norm - blue jeans (these are embroidered with flowers/hearts) a white shirt and the sweater of the morn had been shed.

Now, onto Addie's room. We sent these pics to Sabin along with Early ( in case he got homesick for his old room) But we thought it would be fun to be able to compare Addie's Room with Sabin's room online.
Both girls have a lofted bed with room under to play.
Addie's room is in the basement and Sabin's is in the upper level.

Addie's room colors include -
Pink, purple, yellow, orange,
turquoise blue
The loft includes a reading area and a set of bookshelves
with a cloudy sky hand painted ceiling (by mom)

This is Addie's house.
This is (part of) the backyard.
The swing set is as long as the house
The monkey bars were expanded after
Addie aced them a few summers ago.
The little building is the playhouse.
It was Addie's mom when she was little
and was moved here for Addie by her Grandparents


  1. sabin liked seeing the swingset and playhouse. we'll share some pictures from our yard tomorrow. :-) happy weekend from denmark!

  2. Forgot to mention Addie took the pics of her room :)