Tuesday, April 14, 2009


This is Addie. She too is 8 years old; born 1 month and 1 day after Sabin. Addie decided to tell Sabin a little about her daily life. Last night it was homework:

I get my homework on Fridays. It is due back on the next Friday. Mom makes me do it on Friday night so we don't forget. This week was Easter so I did it last night [Monday]. Homework is usually Math. Right now we are learning fractions. I have to color or circle some food items to make the right fraction. [color the donuts to show 1/4].
Here is some of the work I did in school last week. A math sheet, AR reading tests, spelling words for this week, and some reading work. I got one wrong on the Math sheet. In Science we are learning about animals. Last week it was frogs and toads this week fish. I have 30 spelling words a week - I don't like Spelling [because she has to practice]. We have a test on Fridays.

I can't wait to receive your package in the mail. I wonder what kind of [stuffed] animal you sent?


  1. good morning girls - greetings from Alabama. that's the one way down south. When I was a bit older than you I had a penpal in Korea. It was always fun to read about someone's life in another part of the world.

  2. addie, sabin also has weekly spelling tests and is not fond of them either. hers are on tuesdays, tho'. we practice by writing the words at least five times each and then sabin's dad gives her the words as dictation and she spells them out loud, which is how they have to do it in her class.

  3. we're rereading and we have some questions--

    1. is that yellow basket your colors?

    2. what is AR?