Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jumping, Cleaning, Eating

For the picture of Addie's outfit today - Buller joined it. (I have a hard time not typing Bullah - since if I am write that is how it is said) Addie is wearing the mini jean jacket she wore for the fashion show, a "princess" shirt and a pair of jeans (with holes in the knees, obviously getting to be the end of the school year!).

We decided to try our own jump shot.
We opted for jumping off something
(a trailer used for the dock business)

This really allowed Addie and Buller to get some air!

We then had after school snack: toast
with homemade raspeberry jam -
raspberries from our garden

Then we did our yearly Earth Day walk
through the ditch to pick up garbage.
We live on a dirt road in the country -
however people that drive this road can be quite gross!
Addie had cold lunch today. She had a summer sausage sandwhich on a ww bun
canned peaches, a granola bar, and for a treat organic Annie's fruit snacks
(they are bunny shaped)

Addie's mom made snack baggies for her chips/pretzels/crackers
and sandwhich wraps out of cotton material and oil cloth
in an effort to eliminate some of our lunch waste.
We love how well they work!
The sandwich wrap even serves as a placemat!


  1. LOVE the idea of a handmade reusable sandwich wrap. i really worry about the amount of foil we go through (but you'll see why, our sandwiches are a bit different). :-) i'll have to see if i can come up with one that would work.

    and when sabin wakes up tomorrow, she'll love seeing this because of that last little bag w/a horse on it! we're a bit mad for horses (stuff of another post).

  2. p.s. bravo on the first jump shot efforts and the earth day clean-up. :-)