Friday, April 24, 2009

sabin's big sisters

we haven't really explained sabin's family as of yet. her two most favorite people in the world are not her parents (much to their disappointment), but her two big sisters--karoline, 17 and mathilde, 14. karoline and mathilde have the same far as sabin but a different mor (that's mom in danish and pronounced moah).

last year at almost exactly this time, we all went to barcelona together and this is one of my favorite pictures of sabin and her big sisters, even tho' it's almost a year old:

mathilde (then a mere 13), sabin and karoline (then 16)
at gaudi's park guell, barcelona, spain
you can see from the picture that we're dealing with teenagers here. but they are so awesome with sabin that it's a real pleasure to have them come every other weekend and sabin is in absolute heaven when they're here. big sister karoline takes her to the movies almost every weekend she's here. the girls have taught sabin to play world of warcraft and have guided her through it. she plays a lot on mom's facebook with them in a game called pet society.  karoline's birthday is new year's eve and when she turns 18 at the end of this year, she has declared that she will come and live with us. she's going to gymnasium, which we would call high school in the US, but is really somewhere between a high school and a junior college type place. she's super helpful around the house, so we're looking forward to her moving here. both girls have their own room here at our house.

another shot at park guell, barcelona
mathilde is 14 now and will be confirmed on saturday. it's kind of a big deal occasion in denmark and her father has prepared a speech and a big slide show with pictures and stories of her life thus far. there will be a big catered party at a rowing club by the harbor in copenhagen with 60 family and friends invited. when karoline was confirmed a couple of years ago, we rented motorized toilets to race on (i foolishly did not have my practice then of never going anywhere without a camera, which makes me sad because it was completely hilarious and i have no photos of it).  however, we can't find those people again--i suppose there is a relatively limited market for motorized toilets--so we're just taking our bigscreen t.v. and the Wii for the entertainment this time.
not sure what's going on here, but this is a fairly typical scene
it must have been sunny and bright in barcelona because they never took off their sunglasses.
as you can see, mathilde looks a bit older than 13
we'll try to post more recent pictures after the party this weekend. it looks like the weather should be great and i'm sure we will have multiple photo opps. but we wish you a lovely weekend and we'll catch you on sunday, since saturday will be a busy day away from the computer!
we'll share sabin's favorite reads on sunday, we haven't forgotten!!


  1. Addie is off to school right now. I will show her this when she returns. I hope you have a great weekend! Looking forward to seeing your favorite reads!

  2. Sabin, Isn't having older sisters the coolest?!?! I have two older sisters, too. We share a Far but have a different Mor, too. My sister Beth is 15 years older than me and my sister Sarah is 9 years older than me. We are 28, 37, and 43 now but we are still super silly every time we get together. Yippee for sisters!