Sunday, May 9, 2010

A mother's wish for her daughter on Mother's Day

A wish for my daughter on Mother's Day

I wish for you to look at me and see I am strong and proud and there for you.
I want you to see my human qualities and that we are all just learning as we go.
Please take the qualities I am trying to pass onto you and use them to the best of your abilities
But, please, don't try to be me. You are you and that is amazing.

You are stubborn, and strong willed, and kind, and smart - funny and clever. You are all the best of me and so much more. Please learn to be you. I am here to help along the way but do not let me hold you back.

I wish for you to be a mother some day if that is what you want. But I wish most on this Mother's Day that you learn to be you and appreciate all that is.

I love you -you make me a mom, you make me better, you make me proud