Friday, April 24, 2009

friday jump shot

happy friday!

it was a mad day, which started with a jump shot in our fab new outfit.

dress: by phister & philina 
leggings: cotton by phister & philina 
and again with the red converse all stars. 

we did lots of other stuff that we'll have to share later this weekend. but we wish you a totally fabulous weekend with great weather (we're writing this because we know google is controlling the weather and we'd like to have a vote in how it is). :-)


  1. Well, unfortunately it isn't working yet. It is now snowing. A year ago today it snowed over 3 feet - so it is frightening to see snow again one year later.

    We are going to watch the Second Episode of Star Wars (part of it)so until later.....

  2. Oh, forgot to mention (head was drowning in the snow) I love that outfit and wish I could get away with wearing striped leggings now! sigh :)

    You looked adorable!

  3. Hi Sabin! I'm your mom's bloggy friend from Tarrytown, NY. I've got lots of girls, and I know at least two of them who would borrow this outfit from you in a heartbeat! You look awesome, and we love your red converse!
    Take care and enjoy yourself! Tara + girls