Sunday, April 19, 2009

a spring sunday

we were on our way to our favorite nearby beach--the "tarzan cliffs," when we were momentarily delayed by the bridge going up. we didn't really mind, because we were first in line and it was pretty cool to see it up close. there were only two sailboats that wanted to go through, so it didn't take long.

sabin packed sandwiches for a picnic on the beach, but there was time for lots of play. the fine sand feels wonderful on the toes and gets our feet started towards those barefoot summer days.

sabin and her far (remember, dad is "far" here--pronounced faah (soft "r" like the brits do)) decided to hollow out a little path so their hands could meet:

and then it seemed to get a little bigger...

in all, it was an excellent day at the beach. we hope you had a wonderful sunday as well!


  1. What kind of sandwiches did you have? What else did you eat with your sandwiches? (Addie likes food)

    It is too cold to go to the beach here still.

    That looked like a lot of fun. I helped cut up trees and stack the wood today, then we watched part of a Star Wars movie for family movie night.

  2. sabin made two kinds of sandwiches:

    chicken + russian salad (a ready-made beet salad we buy in the store)
    ham + slices of cucumber
    on "toast" bread--which is actually an ordinary loaf of sliced bread like you know it in the US.

    we'll do a whole post on danish sandwiches, because there's a whole culture around it.

    along with it, we took a bottle of fizzy pear cider (non-alcoholic) and what was left of our strawberry trifle dessert from the day before in a tupperware--we just brought 3 spoons and shared it out of the container. that was fun!

    we could have stacked wood at our place too, but we left it to far to do that by himself. :-)