Wednesday, April 15, 2009

what to wear - danish version

we took our "what to wear" picture today after school since there was a bit of a rush in the morning to get out the door.  so our subject looks a bit tired after a full day at school and "SFO" (skole og fritidsordning) our after-school program where sabin goes when school lets out at 12:50. it's in a house on the school grounds, right next to her school building (we'll take some pictures over there one of these days). the SFO is open 'til 5, but i generally pick her up between 3 and 4 if i'm working from home. she also walks, bikes or comes home on her scooter on her own in good weather.

sabin doesn't wear a uniform to school either. that would be exceedingly un-danish--danes are really casual. sabin goes to one of the public schools here in town (there are 5). hers is in the center of town, near the church (of which there's only one)

sabin's ensemble today includes:

top:  beaded long-sleeved cream t-shirt from the gap (in manila, we don't have the gap in DK)
pants: grey velour "genie pants" by danish designer Bombi Bitt 
tights: grey w/green dots from Noa Noa Miniature (another danish brand) 
hole in the left toe of said tights: by sabin
not wearing anymore: grey velour hooded zip jacket which matches the genie pants

prior to this, she was wearing the red converse all-stars (they go with everything in our current fashion estimation), but far doesn't allow us to wear shoes on the oak floor, so she took them off when she came in.

sabin's pretty opinionated about what she wears on a daily basis and often several choices have to be presented (she's an only child, so there's more time for that). and here, between the seasons she's especially difficult to please. she doesn't want to wear her winter coat because it's too hot and the spring coat is as yet too light, so we've been layering.

 more tomorrow...


  1. This is awesome! I like all these Julie projects going on. : ) I can only imagine the joy this would've brought me as a little girl. Such lucky little ladies!

  2. I do remember when I lived in Germany that the German schools let out earlier than our DOD schools or whatever they were called. No fair. I think I'd like to move back overseas someday...I much prefer it actually. I miss the bakeries!