Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What to wear?

Even in Second Grade what to wear can be an issue.

Ideas of what is acceptable, "cute", comfortable, and favorite collide between mom and daughter. Both Julie's wondered if these issues crossed Continents and Oceans.

Addie does not wear a uniform to school. She does however have a dress code at school. But, it is pretty lax. ( No shirts promoting things like drugs or alcohol, no flip flops, no revealing clothing.) That is about it.

A typical outfit for Addie's school is blue jeans, a t-shirt, and a sweatshirt -typically the zip up hooded type. Very casual. Tennis shoes are acceptable footwear. If a child wears something other then tennies then they need to bring a pair along for Physical Education class (called Gym - after the room it is in "gymnasium").

With temps warming (highs in the 60's today) Addie opted for a Springy outfit:
Black footless tights
With a pink flowered rayon shirt.

Since Addie has decided to grow her bangs out she has been ordered (by her mean mom) to keep them clipped back in the mean time. Addie has just learned to put in her own ponytails and typically has a low tail everyday. (Which makes her mom happy because it is less snarly!)

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