Monday, April 13, 2009

what i did on my easter vacation - in pictures - by sabin

i (being sabin's mom) thought that we could start this blog off by sharing a few pictures of what sabin did over our 5-day easter break. actually, sabin had all of last week off school as well, so she's had a ten day holiday! that's how it works in denmark. there's no school all of easter week and through to the following monday after easter.

anyway, here are some of the things we did (now in sabin's words):

i went to one of my favorite places in denmark
it's called møn's klint and we find cool fossils there.
sometimes my crazy mom dresses those fossils up in mermaid tails
while we were on møn (it's an island below the island we live on),
we visited a vineyard and i got to see how they make wine:
the next day, which was easter, the weather was beautiful
so we went for a walk at a nearby little bitty castle
this is me and my dad:
we also stood in line a long time for an ice cream.
mom and i were silly and took a picture of our purple shoes:
the ice cream was worth the wait:
then, today, my cousins came and we had a easter egg hunt
my dad makes the craziest 3D treasure maps:
and here we are coloring eggs.
my cousins had actually not tried that before.
we had some egg coloring stuff from my grandma.
she lives in the state next door to you--south dakota.
i'm really looking forward to getting to know you, addie, and doing this crazy blog thing our moms are so into. we have our package all ready to send to you and will send it tomorrow when the post office is open. we got a note from our postman that yours has arrived as well, so we'll pick it up while we're there!


  1. Sabin, sounds like a wonderful break. I hope you found all the easter eggs because in a couple weeks you will know where they are because you will smell them! :)
    I am looking forward to seeing the neat things you do in Denmark and I am sure Addie will have a great time showing you what she does here in Minnesota.
    Great Pictures!

    Addie's Dad

  2. Sabin,
    for Easter we went to our Grandma's (in Detroit Lakes, MN). We colored eggs too. We each had two Easter baskets to find too.

    We also played on our Grandma/pa's Wii. My favorite game on the Wii is running (on Wii fit).

    Julie now - Addie and I will get a post together for you tonight or tomorrow. :)