Friday, April 17, 2009

friday wardrobe

morning scene at our house most every morning:

sabin eats her breakfast in the arm chair while watching hannah montana on the disney channel. when hannah montana is over and zack & cody's suite life is starting, it's time to brush hair and teeth and head for school. these days, we're biking to school because the weather is beautiful. one of us generally bikes with her. this morning it was Far who did so, because i had to be home when the cleaning lady arrived.

and this is our friday wardrobe (on which i apparently had the light settings all wrong, as it's a bit over-exposed).

top: white cotton shirt from the gap (under the jacket)
jacket: grey velour from bombi bitt
capris: black linen from bombi bitt
leggings: black cotton from local grocery store named kvickly
shoes: the famous red converse all stars
refrigerator: retro smeg


  1. Addie says: I wish I could watch t.v. in the morning. I am very rushed. With my two brothers having to get ready too it is different.

    I wish I could sit in front of the t.v. in a chair like yours to eat my breakfast. I kind of like your red fridge - ours is white.

  2. Questions that have come up
    1) We (the kids - since all are following along now) are wondering and very confused about the language thing. What language do you speak around the house, in school, etc.
    2) Hannah Montana- is it in English? (the language a VERY big curiosity