Saturday, May 2, 2009

What's For "Supper"?

Today we find Buller in the kitchen.

We are teaching him how to make a Minnesota classic
Tator Tot HotdishBuller thought it smelled so good while cooking he tried to climb into the pot.
Luckily we caught him, before he jumped in and became part of the meal!

While the ingredients cooked I lost track of Buller
I found him wrapped around a can of tomatoes
I took the hint and quick made a spaghetti sauce
for tomorrows lunch.

Buller checking out the casserole
before it goes into the oven

Addie and Buller enjoyed the finished meal

After the warm comfort food I found Buller
all curled up and snuggly with some of his many
new friends. (They were all so "stuffed" from the meal)
He is working hard to help Addie solve her Rubix Cube
Sweet Dreams Buller

Tator Tot Casserole
1) brown ground beef (add onions if desired)
2) drain beef
3) add 2 cans cream soup (mix in 1 can milk) salt and pepper
4) add 1 or 2 cans of mixed vegetables (I actually prefer green beans)
5) mix together and pour into bottom of cake pan
6) top mixture with frozen tator tots - line them all up nice and even
7) throw a few extra tots on top for testing
8) bake 350 degrees for around an hour. (until hot and bubbly)
9) serve with bread, pickles, and milk

Hotdish or Casseroles are a long standing tradition in Minnesota. There are many different types, but they are all baked in the oven, they are creamy and warm and feel good on a cold day.


  1. sabin's main question was: "what are tater tots?"

    sometimes i have to laugh at the things she's not growing up with in comparison to the things i grew up with.

    she got a BIG kick out of buller on the pot and w/the can of tomatoes.

  2. ok, we're looking and rereading and sabin noticed that addie has the same pink build-a-bear that sabin has!! how cool is that?

  3. Did you explain what Tator tots were successfully? How does one explain mutilated potatoes? :)

  4. i think she gets it. :-) we have something we can buy called potato rösti, which are like big tator tot discs. :-)