Wednesday, May 6, 2009

give us this day our daily lunch

we make a lunch "packse" every morning for sabin to take to school. we call it a "packse" because that's what sabin called it when she was very, very little. i had intended to post pictures of the actual sandwiches, but they turned out totally rubbish b/c i forgot to change settings on the camera and didn't notice until later since i hadn't had my morning tea as of yet.  her lunch consists of 3-4 sandwiches, cucumber, carrot, cherry tomatoes and some nuts or dried fruit--today it was almonds. and she was lucky enough to get a brownie as well, since we still had some from our monday batch.

we wrap the sandwiches in foil and pack it all up in sabin's pink plastic lego madkasse and she keeps it in her bag (there is a refrigerator to put it in, but she doesn't like her sandwiches all cold, so she doesn't do that) 'til lunchtime--around 11:30, when they all go get their lunch and eat together in their classroom. the school cafeteria is full of the bigger kids, so the younger grades eat in their classroom so they're not trampled by the big kids.

it is possible to get lunch at school. there's a website we can go to and pre-order it for sabin online, but just after christmas they changed the provider and she doesn't like the food they have, so we almost never buy food at school. mom and far take turns making sabin's lunch, so there's a little variety. at the last parent-teacher conference, sabin's teacher told us that sabin' likes mom's lunches better. i think that's because i usually put a little kinderchokolade "kids' chocolate" in it.

could the packaging on these look any more german? 
it's even IN german!

i usually send an apple or two with sabin in her bag, wrapped in a skinny la minx cloth napkin so it's both cheerful and eco-friendly. we try to send enough for her so she has a little something to snack on at 10:00 recess, as well as once she gets over to SFO, but she's often totally starved when she gets home. that's mostly because she's good at eating her carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, nuts and apple and kinderchokolade, but not so good at eating her sandwiches. we promise to show the sandwiches in the near future, as they're quite different from what you see in the US.


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  2. I used to eat Kinder bars as a kid, a lot of them. My mom would buy the big box and stick in the back of our volvo on trips around Deutschland & what not. I really miss living over there...My fave place was Rothenburg:) And Vienna.

  3. I was Danish and German pretty much the same?

  4. danish is a germanic language, but i wouldn't characterize it as the same at all. tho' i can read more german now thanks to knowing danish, but by no means could i speak it. the grammar is very different. danish grammar is more like english, whereas german throws all the verbs at the end.

    danish-swedish-norwegian are mutually intelligible to native speakers, but the same cannot be said of the scandinavian languages and german.