Thursday, May 28, 2009

Celebrating Life

Like you Sabin, Addie was a twin.
Picture of Alyse and Addie
drawn from a picture taken in
the delivery room

She had a sister who passed away before birth too.
Her story is quite similar to yours.
Where as your mom fell ill,
Addie's sister's umbilical cord got tangled
in my tummy during the pregnancy.

How she has grown!
Addie comparing hand prints
with Alyse's - taken in the hospital

At least once a year we head to the cemetery.
We go in good spirits.
To celebrate Addie's life.
She too could have easily not made it.

The cemetery is about 2 hours from Addie's house.
It is in the country on a dirt road.
It is a very old Finnish cemetery- for the Finnish settlers to America

There are flowers scattered everywhere.
Lilac bushes surround the yard, and are here and there through out.
Alyse's grave is under one of these lilac bushes

Years ago we put a birdhouse in the lilac bush.
Every spring we clean it out for a new birdy to take residence.
This year it was suspiciously packed full up with sticks and fluff.
When I pulled out the "nest" this little fellow fell out.
It was a cold day and he was non to happy to have his house disrupted!

Although it is a sad occasion to think of a child's life lost
We know that we have to celebrate the life
that was given to us-

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  1. Sabin wants to know what the girls weighed when they were born. Sabin weighed 1570 grams--which is about 3 pounds.