Sunday, May 17, 2009

it's a family tradition

in addition to all that digging in our family, another family tradition involves building dams on creeks. we have a creek right across from our house and last weekend, sabin and her big sisters spent well over an hour stacking rocks and lining their dam with large leaves. it was pretty cool.

it's something that sabin's far did as a child and which he has helped the girls do on many a beach visit--several beaches we frequent have little creeks emptying into the sea. but the dam above the three girls did all alone. and then they even came home for the camera and took these pictures. pretty cool.

addie, we know there are lots of lakes in minnesota, do you ever build stuff with your brothers? sand castles perhaps? or dams?

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  1. We have miles and miles of beaches here in Minnesota. Now, these beaches are on lakes, not oceans or seas. I am sure you have seen a few smaller ones while visiting your family in South Dakota....yes?

    Anyway, Addie is quite good at making water ways and then running to the lake and filling buckets up and watching the water drain through the water ways she has created. Her brothers are good at ruining what ever she makes ;) Sand castles are always a hit too and take more of a group effort. But, they also take more patience.