Saturday, May 30, 2009

there's a tivoli in town

there's a summerfest in our town this weekend and that means a little carnival has come to town. we call that a tivoli. i don't even really think that's a danish word for it, i think it might come from italian and is used all over europe for what we call a little carnival--like with rides and booths where you can win a teddy and food that's really bad for you.

here are some scenes from our visit...

there was the coolest bouncy bungie ride thingie (that's the technical name for it)---

the eastern european dude who speaks no known language straps you in
you do a little test bounce
then higher
and higher
and then you use up all of your ride coupons doing this 4x
far got a bit green in the gills from this one.
in fact, he's having a lie down right now.
mom took about 100 pictures of this one
but we didn't go on it.
she likes colorful stuff.
then there was cotton candy.
extra large size, apparently.
it was also the girl's first time making it.
it was suitable for a game of hide 'n seek.

in all, an awesome afternoon.
and there's two more days left of the weekend
since monday's a holiday.
we love all those spring holidays.

hope you're having a fabulous weekend too!


  1. This is Addie's mom - that cotton candy gives me a head ache to look at (now,you could have known that it wasn't Addie writing with that statement!)

    anyway - it looks fabulous. I love the leggings and shorts look, something we may have to duplicate, good idea for school!

    I would love to do the bouncy thingy (short name for it) even if it made me green around the gills.

    We too go to our carnival which comes for the 4th of July (our Independence holiday). Unless we go to the State Fair we save our self for that.

    I can't wait to show Addie -she is outside trying to wear shorts and stay warm (oh how we long for summer) she should be sporting your legging look!

  2. Addie is wondering what the chocolate things in the window of the cotton candy booth say
    "Jeg Elsker Dig" what does that mean Sabin?

    Addie also says "that looks cool" . We noticed the people in the background, they all look quite similar to folks around here.

  3. we meant to mention that...they're a cookie kinda thing and it says, "i love you." :-)

    i would say that the people in the b/g are a lot like people there. :-)

  4. That fair looks like so much fun!. Did you eat all that cotton candy?

  5. We will be presenting the blog to Addie's class at 8:30 a.m.CST. Just so you know. Will try to get the last two posts up I want to before then.... statue walk and Addie as a newborn

  6. Brave Sabin letting herself get all strapped in and flying around Denmark like that! I'm with Far on the round & round rides. Looks like he was a good sport about it though.