Friday, May 15, 2009

Webkinz World or Bust

Seeing as it has been so cold and gray and Buller is an reptile, there for subject to the temperatures around him. He has been spending lots of time cuddled up with his other friends down in Addie's bed. He is just trying to stay warm. Buller has become good friends with Lil Pink Bow Bitsy (The Dog) and Brownie (the Horse).
Bitsy and Brownie live in Addie's bed and in a virtual world. Do you have a Webkinz? Have you played in "Webkinz World" online? You purchase one of their super cute "pets" it comes with a code (Like Littlest Pet Shop animals) and you can "play" with them in a virtual world as well as having a super cute cuddly animal. Addie recieve Bitsy for Valentine's day a couple years ago and Brownie for Christmas (both from Grandma). One or two seems to be plenty in her mom's opinion ;)

Buller found it quite fun to go online and see where his friends spent their virtual time. He even helped Addie pick out some of their food- he is getting quite good with the mouse.

Addie and her siblings are limited to 20 minutes of computer time a day. They seem to be able to get a game or two in that time. We are quite rushed after school and every minute seems to matter (plus because 20min x 4 gets to be long when there is only 1 hour from the time they get off the bus until we eat)

What games do you play online?


  1. stumbled upon your blog through a moments of perfect clarity. I think this blog is so neat. And so strange that I stumbled upon it since I am from MN and now have moved to Denmark. I am a teacher and have done the whole flat Stanley project in my class, and when I was about 10 I had my first penpal. She was from Ireland and last year we finally met after writing each other for over 10 years. I hope you don't mind it I read a long. I love seeing both of my "homes" and how you show both since both places are very special to me.

  2. Hi Girls, I would love to follow your blog. I have two granddaughters who love Webkins too! I got them both a pet for Christmas and yes, they love to play online as well. The youngest is 6 and I am amazed at her computer skills. I loved your pictures. Please post more so we can see what your world is like.