Monday, July 20, 2009

leo's adventures

sabin's class has a class stuffed white tiger named Leo. they've had him since "nulte," which is what kindergarten is called in denmark. he goes home with one or another child every weekend and there is a whole book written of all that leo has done over the past three years. sabin got the privilege of taking him home for the summer and since we'll have to write in his book, we took him along to dublin last week (we should have taken Early too, but that's another story, i'm afraid we didn't.  us bad.). but i thought we'd share some of the adventures leo got up to anyway.

most of the time, leo rode on the back of far's backpack:

he got some good things to eat and drink:

he saw some sights:

and he was occasionally naughty and went places he shouldn't have been:

he had a scary encounter with the terminator:

and it didn't end well. as you can see, he got shot:

but later, he recovered and enjoyed reading a book about a white tiger at starbucks.

quite a lot of adventures for just a few short days in dublin.  next week, both he AND early will go to singapore. we'll definitely share what they get up to there.


  1. Addie was thrilled to wake to a "story". Early is quite comfortable to be snuggled up in a bedroom with the other animals. After a while we have found that all stuffed animals tire of adventure and need some down time.

    Buller has been quite busy this weekend on the Mississippi River. He canoed down 10 miles of it and then went to the Headwaterds to see the sourse of the river he was on.

    We will be posting this information today or tomorrow.

  2. Singapore! Sounds fun. I'm sure those pics will be fantastic and insightful. It's a whole other culture for these guys to experience. (although, Sabin has already)