Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fourth of July

Fourth of July is America's Independence Day celebration. It is a Holiday that Americans take the time to remember our independence as a nation and to enjoy family time.Our family went fishing, swimming, to a parade, and a carnival.Here is Addie fishing for sunfish on a lake a walk away from our house.
Here she is playing at the beach - of the same lake (but the opposite side)
Sunday is the day of the parade. This is the marching band from the high school. People in the parade throw candy. That is the kids' favorite part.
This year we watched the parade at a friends house. They are on the parade route.It is was terribly hard for Addie's dad to get the timing right to take this picture on the carousel. This is her favorite ride. She chose the horse with pink on it.

Here is Addie waiting for the fireworks. We have watched the fireworks on the lake in a boat the last two years. It makes for a very late night since they don't finish until almost 11pm. We did not arrive home until almost midnight. It was a great weekend.

Surely you don't pout like this
do you Sabin?
I love how Kendra
(family friend- blonde to the right)
is looking at her :)

It can't be perfect
all the time!

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  1. i'm afraid we saw a pouty face exactly like that today when we left tivoli without going to build-a-bear.

    last year, sabin was in SD for the 4th and they went to a baseball game to see the fireworks. she looked around at everyone else and said, "bugger we don't have a pickup," since everyone else did and were sitting out in the back to watch the fireworks.