Monday, July 27, 2009

Addie Geo-CachesToo!

Addie and her family also Geo-cache
It is something we have been doing for 2 summers now.
This summer will make our 3rd summer.
Although we haven't cached yet this summer, we intend to on our
way out to Colorado and back.
Our goal is to get three caches in each state so that we can
add each state to our cache page.

As you can see we are called the Family Circus
it is a cartoon family in the Sunday funny papers.
They have three boys and one girl and the
similarities don't stop there.

Our geocaching adventures have taken us into some
interesting areas. We have been in the deepest forest and up the
highest fire towers (it was at the top on the outside of the tower)

As you have discovered a person can get pretty beat up in their
searches. These are called "geo-stripes" there is a whole glossary of terms
if you haven't found them yet.
This info can be found in the Geocacher's U site.
If you watch the rotating header on this site long enough you will
see Addie's dad and brother (on dad's shoulder) geocaching.

We have been down a steep ditch digging in a pile of rocks
on a lovely summer day,
(We are wearing pants to avoid poison ivy and burning nettle weeds.)

and we have been up a tall hill in the snow and cold
(another fire tower)

This was our 100th find. It was part of a series of puzzle caches
and for me (since I solved the puzzles) was thrilled to find.

Geocaching has given our family something to do together that is relatively inexpensive
(other then when gas was almost $5/gallon)
The whole family enjoys the activity (mostly)
and it takes to places that after 10 years of living here
we have never been too.

I hope you have a lot of fun - and it gets easier as you learn
If you need any hints let Addie know - she is usually
the first to find the cache.
(Which is why we play huckle-buckle -beanstalk - see glossary)

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  1. oh very cool. we didn't know about the glossary, we'll definitely have to check that out. we're going to go looking in Singapore on the weekend. and i can tell you that we'd definitely not go after any in those high scary-looking fire towers. yikes! we did sneak to the wrong side of the tracks for one the other day tho'.

    i'm sure we'll be back for tips!