Monday, June 29, 2009

Reading Rewarded

Addie finished school about three weeks ago. However, the last week of school was full of field trips and award presentations.

Addie participates in an Accelerated Reading Program. The student reads a book and takes a test on the computer testing their knowledge of what they read. Then the student is rewarded with points. Most picture books are worth .5 points, with most 2nd grade level reading level chapter books are worth 1 point.

Addie earned over 100 points. In fact she earned almost 125 points.

This is a great program to motivate students to read. In fact, now that school is out I notice Addie reading on her own has drastically reduced. May be time for some mandatory reading time? Hmmmmmmmm.....


  1. Oh boy...there's a future blogger in the making if I ever saw one. Congratulations Addie!

  2. Wow, that sounds awesome. Congratulations Addie.

  3. Sydney does that same program and I agree there has been a lot less reading in the summer. She did open a Junie B a couple of days ago and we have visited the library but me thinks sitter needs some direction in planning reading time!

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