Friday, June 5, 2009

Looking back to 2008

Addie is officially a third grader. She has finished her last day of school for the year, and is ready for a summer break.

She came home with the content of her locker and desk the last couple of days. Papers papers and more papers etc. However, in all of this mess was her Spring Pictures!!!!!!

I love Spring pictures, the colors are brighter, it feels more like a transitional picture to me.

I noticed this year in particular how much Addie has changed since last Spring. I had her 2008 Spring pic on the fridge and was taken aback by how much older she suddenly looks.I guess it is through pictures that time or the loss of it is captured. Teeth are no longer missing, her face has changed shape and she even seems less scared in the 2009 picture.

How have you changed in looks since last Spring Sabin?

How about in what you know/have learned?


  1. she looks so much like her mom :)

  2. we're just looking at this post again and we'll post one next week when school ends. :-) we've also got some pictures of early to share, but at the moment we're sitting outside and those are in on the other computer. yup, we found out our wireless reaches clear up in the garden. that's good to know

  3. Addie looks more relaxed in her 2009 photo.