Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Statue Walk

Buller is still tired of this chilly weather - as we all are.

So, to cheer him up Addie and I decided to take him on
The Sculpture Walk.

We have a very talented collection of artists in our area, many of which are sculptors.

These sculptures are displayed through out the down town area.
The Chamber of Commerce (tourist building) has a map to help you find them all.
However, we just drove around and jumped out at will to snap these shots.

You can play "Where is Buller"
Because he is in every shot
(Hint: remember if you click on the pictures they enlarge)

(except for the pics below which are two statues,
two pictures I just really liked from our walk)Which sculpture is your favorite?
How about your mom's and far's favorite?


  1. love the mosaics (go piknik!)

    my fave is the little robot-looking guy in the lower right of the middle one. but i also love the one in the upper left on that same quad.

    i'll have Sabin and far pick theirs when they get home!

    great sculpture tour!!!

  2. Sabin likes the bottom left in the first one (tho' that's the only one where we're not sure we can see buller)

    in the middle one, it's the robot

    and in the last one, bottom right--the lion-like one.

    other than the one, we had no problem finding buller.

    that was fun. :-)

  3. I had trouble finding buller in the same one as Julochka. I think he's on a bird wing near the top, but there's no telltale buller green to help.
    My favorites are the old woman and the pile of loops just above the lion.
    This is fun!

  4. My fave has to be the lion... very cuddly.. hope it's warming up some now... Ali.