Friday, January 1, 2010

Suffering to be beautiful

Over Christmas Break Addie got her ears pierced. Her mom had given her permission to get them pierced when she was 7 but Addie wasn't ready until a few months back.The opportunity arose and we grabbed it.

Her mom's only stipulation was that there be two ladies there to pierce both ears at the same time because she remembers very well how hard it was to have the second ear done after feeling the pain of the first.

Addie made it through quite well, and only flinched a little.

But a smile quickly rose up after she saw the final product in the mirror.


  1. we too suffered for beauty, tho' it was when sabin turned 6. now we only suffer when it's time to put earrings in again after having them out.

    the double whammy piercing was pretty intense!! glad you got pix of the process.

    i remember when i got my ears pierced, i held my breath and then fainted afterwards. same when i got my navel pierced many, many years later.

  2. New Year, New Ears! Ha! Yea for your bravery Addie. I hope you love having pierced ears. I'm so glad you have a record of this moment. Great Photos. Love the one of dad too! Did he get his ear or navel pierced as well? No? Thought probably not. Happy Happy New Year Addie.

  3. No piercings for dad...

    Julie - you fainted? oh man! I am guessing you only have one set of holes then?

    My aunt pierced mine in our bathroom using a potato, a set of studs and an ice cube. yep - that is how bed I wanted them.

  4. sadly...i have my ears pierced three times and got faint every single time. i only outright fainted the first time. it happens at the eye doctor too, when they flip up my eyelids to look underneath. i've fainted there 3-4 times.