Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ice Fishing

Addie went ice fishing with her dad and brother. They went to Red Lake, MN. If you Google a map of Minnesota you will see the Red Lakes, as they are very large.

They drove up Friday night and slept in the fish house. They fished all day Saturday and returned late Saturday night.

Walleye was the fish of choice for the weekend. They caught a dozen fish and kept 8 of them.

Here is a pic of the ice hole that you fish down inside the house. The house has a small woodstove that keeps it warm.

Do the lakes freeze hard enough to ice fish? Do people partake in this sport?


  1. I can't believe you really did it. I don't know that I would have. Nice fish but it really looks sooooo desolate. I am glad you like to fish that much and I bet it was fun spending time with your brother and father. I see your earrings are doing good. They look pretty in your picture.

  2. That's a pretty snazy looking fish house! Is it quiet out there? Did you stay warm at night? Did you catch the biggest fish? Remind me and I'll tell you about the time I caught 3 fish in one! It's true!

  3. how did i miss this? :-) we've never seen anyone ice fishing here. generally, the lakes don't really freeze enough for it, tho' this year would be an exception, it's been cold and the lakes are quite frozen. even the fjord, which is salt water (tho' weaker than the baltic sea) is frozen, so we've had quite a lot of sustained cold.

    we do, however, know about catching walleye, as that's what we fish for when we visit the grandparents in south dakota! :-)

    thanks for sharing this fishing trip with us!!