Tuesday, November 17, 2009

a big girl bedroom makeover

on sunday, sabin's room got transformed from little girl room to big girl room. we took her bed down from its legs and moved things around. we didn't repaint it, since the paint was still pretty fresh (and since the house is for sale), so it's still two shades of pink.

we moved the bookshelf over by the door to act a bit as a room divider and create a more inviting play space.

we haven't yet moved the stuff on the wall that used to be under the bed and above the desk, so the clock is in kind of a funny spot.

we decided to shelves the books in color order, using (for the most part) the ROY G BIV rainbow order (plus white, brown and black down at the end). we're pretty pleased with how it looks.

since's sabin's bed will be used more like a couch when she has friends over, i'm making a sturdy bedspread and pillows with the bright, cheery fabric below. i'm backing it with fleece, to make it soft and usable as a blankie to cuddle up in and watch t.v. as well. we do love ikea, they have such bright, cheery fabric designs.

sabin feels the room suits her much better now and she's looking forward to hanging some things on the wall. she had really been complaining about the lack of wall space since the only wall was previously blocked by her bed and the other one is a vaulted wall that's hard to hang things on. the only new item will be the new bedspread, otherwise, we got a totally new look just by changing things around. but it feels so fresh and different, it's like having a whole new room.


  1. Cool room, Sabin!

    I've made the same fabric into a table cloth, but what a good idea backing it with fleece.

  2. I have no idea what the old room looked like, but the made-over room is splendid.

    I like everything about it, but a special mention for those ROY G BIV bookshelves.

  3. Pink! I love the pink! Beautiful, rosy warm, happy embracing pink.

  4. I love those little squirrels and bunnies!

  5. I like the clock where it is. Looks like a great room to be in. Very comfortable.

    Addie's Dad

  6. We just saw this blog, we will show Addie tonight. Thanks for updating.

  7. Wahhhhh I want a little girl, too! Okay, ROY G BIV is about the coolest thing I've learned in ages and an even cooler way to organize books.

  8. Too COOL!!! you are so talented!!! We're off to rearrange our books... xx

  9. What a gorgeous room!! I'm 40 - can I get a room makeover like that? :)

    Also - how do you get the photos displayed so big on blogger?? I can't seem to do it on mine.


    Holli in Ghana

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