Monday, November 9, 2009

Which Way to the Witch?

Halloween has come and gone.

The candy bags are full.

The costumes tossed aside.

The pumpkins are rotten.

Addie was a witch this year.

Almost as cute as the Humbug Witch

But, it is hard to be as cute in real life
as an illustration.

These little rugrats come close.
Addie - Witch
Aiden - Army Guy
Keegan - Fisherman
Tryllen - Batman

Fun was had by all. I wonder what Addie will be next year? She has been a cheerleader, an Asian Princess, Butterfly, a cat, and others we have already forgotten. I also wonder how many more years we have before she no longer wants to dress up.

Do you only celebrate a Fall festival, or is there Halloween and Trick-or-Treating there too?


  1. Everyone looks fabulous! My girlie had so much fun being a witch she did it for 3 years running! Crazy!

  2. somehow i missed this one, i guess because i was in norway last week! sabin had a halloween party - pix of it over here (for grandma's sake):

    we'll be back with a real comment from Sabin sometime tomorrow, as she's gone to bed now right before i found this. :-)