Sunday, October 18, 2009


Addie is sick.
She has
1) a fever
2) a cough
3) a bit of a sore throat
4) just doesn't feel good-feeling

She didn't have a fighting chance between the various viruses being spread in her hometown and school. She fought the good fight, but fell victim on Saturday. She was at Grandma's house and had to come home early due to being sick.


  1. I'm sure mom is taking super good care of you. Be sure to drink lots of water, eat lots of juicesicles, and play lots of board games in bed. When you are too tired, tell mom to read out loud to you..that's the best! I recommend "The Secret Garden" by Frances Hodgson Burnett. There's a sick boy that gets better in that book too!

  2. We missed you Addie. I am sorry you got sick but I am hoping you are feeling better today. You are a fighter. You tried to be not-sick but finally, your fever came and you just couldn't be up and around any more.

    Did you make your pumpkin yet?

    I love your picture on this page. You are beautiful!
    Love you more!

  3. hope you're feeling better soon, addie!! sabin's been lucky. no flu yet this school year!