Thursday, August 13, 2009

school's in

we've been in denial most of the week, but it's really true. school has started. it started on monday. tho' on monday, it only lasted two hours - long enough to tell what everyone had done during their summer holiday, read about Leo's summer holiday and get new school books to take 3B through the year. tuesday, the new little 0-classers (aka kindergarteners) were welcomed by the older kids - they actually gather in the schoolyard and sing a welcome song. and wednesday was the first real day, following the new schedule above.

today, i dropped sabin off with her swimsuit and towel. the swimming pool in town (which is indoors) is under renovation, so they are actually going to the beach to swim in the roskilde fjord today. sabin wasn't too keen on that because there are lots of jellyfish at the moment because the water's so warm, but she said they have the option to play frisbee on the beach if they don't want to swim in the jellyfish water. i'm eager to hear about it this evening. i think it sounds pretty cool to go to the beach for school.

i know you guys are off on vacation, so we'll wish you a great trip and see you when you get back!

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  1. Swimming should be a fun course...Lots of Danish. Sabin will definitely have lots to offer when she's older (just like her mum). I do love how the school days over there are shorter. I really feel like Europeans have it better than us Americans...but maybe it's just because living in Germany for three years as a kid were some of the best times of my life.